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iLO power state: reset

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Pavol Boles
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iLO power state: reset

Hi there,
is there any way to hard reset the iLO onboard administrator? I've tried both the "reset" button in the GUI (Sys. status->Diagnostics) as well as the "reset map1" from the CLI. However the iLO onboard manager is still in status "Server power: Reset". Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Re: iLO power state: reset


ilo firmware update and try again.
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Pavol Boles
Occasional Visitor

Re: iLO power state: reset


unfortunately still the same issue. Power state: reset. Is there a way to cold boot iLO (switch on/off power remotely)?
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Re: iLO power state: reset

hmm Pavol for blades and other wise try

blade maintenance
clear nv ram

blade clear nvranm
Clearing the system configuration
To clear the system configuration:
1. Power down the server blade
2. Remove the server blade
3. Remove the access panel look at the diagram on it it will show the position of the maintenace switch( it clears Nv ram)
4. Change position 6 of the system maintenance switch to on.
5. Install the access panel
6. Install the server blade in the enclosure and power up the server blade.
7. Wait for the POST message that prompts you to change the switch setting:
Maintenance switch detected in the "On" position.
Power off the server and turn switch to the "Off" position.
8. Repeat steps 1 through 3.
9. Change position 6 of the system maintenance switch to off.
10. Repeat steps 5 through 7.
reset ilo
get to ilo web interface go to diagnostics and click reset ilo

to reset the ILO, as in â rebootâ the card is to go the ILO settings tab, go to networks and press apply. The ILO will then set the network settings and reboot it. After about 40 seconds the ILO should be ready to use.

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