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increasing "No Buffers" on all NC553i, NC551i

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increasing "No Buffers" on all NC553i, NC551i

hi everyone,


we've noticed that on almost every BL465c G7 and BL460c G7 with high network traffic the amount of "No Buffers" in the HP NCU statistics is really high.


I've seen that you can increase the value in the "Receive Buffers" setting of the driver so we did that on some systems.

It also helped on some servers (for example on our HP SIM Servers) but we have still some SQL Clusternodes which still have this "No Buffers" increasing all the time...

On these servers we're assuming problems (network timeouts, network related errors in the application log)


Is anyone here, which could give me some tipps what to do (or some kind of a best practices of network card / NCU settings) to reduce these "No Buffers"?


CNA Firmware is 4.1.402.20 and NIC Driver is 4.1.370.0.

Interconnect in the C7000 is two 10Gb PassThru Modules and we're also using FCoE (maybe FCoE could be an influence on these No Buffers?)


Thanks and regards,


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Re: increasing "No Buffers" on all NC553i, NC551i


Hi - was this problem ever resolved?  (we're seeing similar)

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Re: increasing "No Buffers" on all NC553i, NC551i

Hi ukwill,


unfortunately not...

I've a case open since about 2 months but HP couldn't help me at all until now.

We're experiencing these issues btw. also on Gen8 Blades with the Emulex 554FLB FlexLOM.


On ESXi hosts we see the "Package Drops" (in Windows "No Buffer Errors") as soon as you have a VM running on them.




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Re: increasing "No Buffers" on all NC553i, NC551i

For your information:


The Package drops on our ESXi Hosts were solved with following constellation:

Emulex CNA Firmware 4.2.401.605

VMWare be2net Driver 4.2.327.0


I have to check if a similar constellation solves the No Buffers on Windows Systems.