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Re: is Virtual Connect stacking required? X7,X8 populated

Dave Arkfeld

Re: is Virtual Connect stacking required?

How can I check if x0 is the issue. In the documentation I found this reference "The ISL ports provide stacking links between adjacent modules." So is x7 and x8 considered the "ISL ports" and I can't used those for my 1GB Ethernet connectivity?
Dave Arkfeld
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Re: is Virtual Connect stacking required?

I have never used this option, however there is a VC CLI command, "show stackinglink". Based on the documentation, it is supposed to: "Display a summary listing of all stacking links and status"
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Re: is Virtual Connect stacking required? X7,X8 populated

It appears to me that the X0 port is not a port, per se, but is essentially represents the horizontal backplane physical connection. My conjecture is that it is not used for anything unless at least one of X7 or X8 is unpopulated in each horizontal pair, in which case, it "makes the connection" between the X7 (X8) ports. So, it's more like a cable.
Note that the reference to X0 has been removed from the VC 4.20 Setup and Installation Guide 2014-04-18.

So, the X0 "port" is not bad; VC just wants a horizontal stack link.

I would bet (a Diet Coke) that if you were to remove the 2 X7 SFPs, the "FAILED" would go away, but "No Redundasncy" would stay.

The work-around for the stack-link error when X7 & X8 are both in use is to use one or both of X3,X4 for horizontal stacking links via a 10G DAC.


Note that this page also addresses some points relevant to my original question (the topic of this thread).
Apparently, BOTH the OA and the stacking links can be used for VC management, with the stack link being default.
So, the answer is that the stack link is not *required* in my scenario, but it is not *suppported* by HP.


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