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no active partition after a deploy of an image?


no active partition after a deploy of an image?

A customer of ours has a c-7000 enclosure with 7 BL465c. They have Rapid Deployment 6.8 sp2. I setup a test server with windows 2003 italian, captured its image and deployed the image on another blade (target) and it works. They have setup a production server with windows 2003 english that I cannot modify. We took an image of the production server and deployed it to the same target blade as in the test. This time the image deployment seems to be ok, but after that when the target blade boots it says that it tries to boot form C: drive but there is not an active partition. I booted the target server from an usb key and I can see that there is not an active partition. If I boot from usb key the target server after the deploy of the test image there is an active partition. The test server gives an imageof 2 GB. The production server gives an image of 20 GB.
Can anybody help me?
How can I troubleshoot this problem?
Are there any known limits on the image size?

Thank You

Rodolfo Giovanninetti

Re: no active partition after a deploy of an image?

Check if the read/write image jobs captures and deploy the system and array configuration correctly.

If winPE jobs have problems try to use LinuxPE jobs.