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pClass 1U power Enclosure - 110V or 208V

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pClass 1U power Enclosure - 110V or 208V


Does pClass 1U Power Enclosure (and supplies) work on 110V or they must be feed 208V power?

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Re: pClass 1U power Enclosure - 110V or 208V

When using an AC power source, the HP BladeSystem requires single-phase (1U or 3U power
enclosures) or three-phase (3U power enclosures) 200â 240 VAC input power. The 3U power
enclosure requires two 30 A power sources.
The capacity of an HP BladeSystem p-Class Power Supply varies with the voltage level of the local AC
power source. Maximum capacity can only be achieved using a 240-V nominally rated power
source. Lower voltages may result in lower server blade capacity. The HP BladeSystem p-Class Sizing
Utility considers this. Refer to Figure 32 for the maximum output power capacity for various input
voltages between 200â 240 VAC.

Page 44 of user guide.
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Re: pClass 1U power Enclosure - 110V or 208V

Hello thank you for your prompt response. We only have standard 110V power outlets so I also called HP support confirm if 1U power enclosure supplies support 110V and they said these do.

But when I plug in 110V power I dont see any activity on the power-supply this is leading me to think that they are wrond about 110V support. Even the power rating on supply says its "200V-240V"

When I mentioned to HP support about whats happening they said we are sending you a replacement backplane for power enclosure. So is that person telling me the correct informaiton or he does not know pClass well enough?

In blade sizer it does have 110V option enabled for pClass 1U power enclosure. I am totally confused.
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Re: pClass 1U power Enclosure - 110V or 208V

I saw the Sizer utility it does mention 110 Option, you are right.

I am posting the link for p-Class docs it may be useful.

The replacement backplane for power enclosure will fix the issue.