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"No buffers"-errors on 10GB NIC

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"No buffers"-errors on 10GB NIC


I have a BL460c G6 connected to 10GB VirtualConnect-switch (HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module, firmware 3.30), and I see a lot of errors in the HP Network Configuration Utility. I only use 1 of the NICs, and I do not use VLAN-tagging. The NIC is NC532i, and I get a lot of "no buffers" errors. What does this mean? I run backup software on this server (Symantec Backup Exec), and have a some problems with the backups, which stops and says "lost connection". Can this be related? And - how can I get rid of these "errors"?


Btw: The onboad administrator on the C7000 has the 3.31 firmware. 




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Michael A. McKenney
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Re: "No buffers"-errors on 10GB NIC

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Is this your issue?