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Sajjad Sahir
Honored Contributor

show all

Dear Team

Any body knows how to display the contents of show all command page wise page, because I want to copy the output of show all command in flash prom, if i am typing show all command in oa output is diplaying continuously, so I can't copy in to any where
I want to know how to copy all the contents of show all command

thanks and regards

Jimmy Vance

Re: show all

If your using a gnome-terminal window, or a program like Putty, increase the size of the scrollback buffer. After running the show all command you can save the scrollback buffer to a file

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Timur S Lukovkin
Regular Advisor

Re: show all

Yes use putty, go to session and select all session output, connect to OA using IP and type show all.

Other options will be thru OA GUI, Enclosure settings, Config scripts, click here.....inventory.