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solaris 10 /proliant deployment issue

joseph pareti
Frequent Advisor

solaris 10 /proliant deployment issue

Foreword: I am posting to this thread because my problem resembles the one at

Strictly speaking, this is *not* a blade server issue (i am using dl380g6). In addition I had already treid to describe the problem at an early stage of the investigation at this link

Currently I have 2 dl3*0 G6 on the same network: dl360 g6 runs Solaris 10 U7, dl380g6 should:

1) load grub from it's local disk
2) continue to boot from the network using a PXE enabled broadcomm NIC.

The process fails at step 1:

grub> ifconfig
Probing pci nic...
No ethernet card found.

Error 12: Invalid device requested
(same error when using grub> dhcp ... )

However, when grub is loaded from the network using files served up by the dl360, then the dl380 boots up correctly.

A previous discussion on this thread, especially Brian Blackwell's post on september 4 2009, suggests that my problem might be related to not having adequate driver support for the Proliant. My case is however different becasue I am only using grub stage 1 and 2 from the client disk, and I am not sure if and how the patching process described by Brian Blackwell would be relevant to my case and how it can be done.