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stacking Flex-10 module

Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

stacking Flex-10 module


I have a Flex-10 VC module in bays 1& 2, fiber cannel in bays 3&4, and 1/10Gb ethernet VC modules in bays 5-8. Would I stack Flex-10 modules stack and the 1/10Gb modules together? Would I use the X10 port on the Flex-10 as the interconnect, or would I stack the 4 1/10G modules together and have the Flex-10 module separate?

Honored Contributor

Re: stacking Flex-10 module

It depends of the VC Networks and Server Profiles Configuration.

From VC quickspecs:

Interconnecting the modules allows all Ethernet NICs on all server blades in the Virtual Connect domain to have access to any Virtual Connect uplink port. By using these module-to-module links, a single pair of uplinks can be used as the data center network connections for the entire Virtual Connect domain, and allows any server blade to be connected to any Ethernet network.

Meaning that you can use a couple of uplinks on bay 1 and 2 to route all the NICs, including mezz cards mapping to the 1/10 modules on the enclosure.

Having said that, you can use the X0 port on each VC (CX4) or any 1Gig port for Stacking, some stacking configurations are shown on the quickspecs available here:


Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: stacking Flex-10 module

I'd stack all 6 modules together. Then any signal on any downlink could go out of any uplink Flex-10 or VC-1/10. But if your vnets do not take advantage of this...then its meaningless.
Its all to do with your vnet uplink redundancy design.