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tagged VLANs without an uplink set?

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tagged VLANs without an uplink set?


Eight BL490c G6 Hyper-V cluster

VC Flex 10

Windows 2008 R2 SP1, most recent NIC drivers

Two Flex 10 ports configured as the public/non-Hyper-V team, mapped to a tagged VLAN on the uplink set

Two F10 ports as the cluster private team, no uplink ports as this is inter-blade traffic only

Two F10 port team bound only to the Hyper-V virtual switch, mapped to multiple VLANs on the uplink set


Everything has been stable for months and is working as expected.


I'm creating a new group of Hyper-V VMs for a test lab.  These will mirror our production VMs, including the host names and IP addresses.  In order to prevent name/address duplication issues, as these will be running on the same hosts as the production VMs, I want to put them in their own sandbox tagged VLAN.


The sandbox VLAN only needs to interconnect among the blades.  There is no need to access anything outside the Hyper-V sandbox.  As such, I don't want to map the sandbox VLAN to the shared uplink set to the core switches.  No sandbox traffic will be going through the core, and there's no point in having to have the core switches discard packets from what it treats as a non-existent VLAN.


The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to create a new network in the virtual connect manager and assign it a VLAN ID without mapping it to the shared uplink set.  I can create a new network and assign it to the "multiple networks" list in the ports assigned to the Hyper-V switch.  If I configure the sand-boxed VMs with a VLAN tag, traffic never passes to VMs on the same VLAN but on other blades.  I do have VLAN promiscuous configured for this team, and tagged VLANs do work, in general.


Is it possible to do what I want, or do I need to map this new sandbox network to an uplink set in order to give it a VLAN ID?


Hongjun Ma
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Re: tagged VLANs without an uplink set?

I'll try to answer hoping that I understand your question correctly.


if you want any traffic never go out from VC to your core and let traffic stay inside VC, you can define a internal vnet.


just click "define" menu and choose ethernet network, define a vnet name and DO NOT choose any physical uplink and click apply. let's say you created 2 internal vnets without any uplink, "vnet-100" and "vnet-101". They won't have any vlan ID as we defined them as a dedicated ethernet network.


Now when you configure server profile, under server port, choose "Multiple networks", over there you should see "vnet-100" and "vnet-101" listed, please select both of them and there should be a column called "server vlan id", just put whatever vlan id you want there. Be sure to configure tagging on vswitch side as well with the matching vlan id.


the following GUI is after VC3.30. FYI.



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