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untagged network option

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untagged network option

Here is the scenario:
I have multiple VLAN and untagged data coming from one server NIC port.

Within Virtual Connect, I assigned "Multiple Networks" to the server port in the server Profile. In the "Multiple Networks", I assigned the appropriate vNets and gave them the correct VLAN IDs.

FYI: I'm NOT using the forced mapping because some of my VLANs are part of a SUS but others are not.

My question resolve around the untagged data (yes, I also have untagged data coming from that port).
When I choose the "untagged network" option and select a vNet that HAS an ID associated to it (selecting that vNet for "untagged network" makes the VLAN ID greyed out in the Multiple Network window only), what happens to my untagged frames coming from server?

will the data stay untagged becuase it wasn't tagged in the first place? (I'm doubtful)
or will the data will now be tagged with the ID specified the the vNet that it is now assigned to? (that's what seems to make more sense but not always a garantee for what really happens)

My thinking is that VC needs to tag it to know what to do with it... anyone wants to tell me what will happen to the frames? tagged, untagged, or left the same?
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Re: untagged network option

I'm also trying to figure this one out as well. I have a blade using Flex-10 that I'd like to send data that is untagged. However the traffic is very slow as the destination appliance requires that the traffic be untagged. Traffic coming from the appliance is acceptable but sending to it is slow. I'm curious to find out when data leaves Virtual Connect is the data tagged or untagged.