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use blade dongle serial for HA?

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use blade dongle serial for HA?

our application department would like use to run a hard serial cable between two blades in separate chassis for HA. for quite a few reasons I would not suggest this, but are the dongles reliable enough? would this be a supported config?

It would have to run from dongle to dongle between 2 BL460c G1
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Re: use blade dongle serial for HA?

The blade maintenance cable (the "dongle") is not recommended for long-term use.

If your rack has a front door, it usually prevents closing the door; if there is no door, the cable is easily damaged or disconnected by someone walking by and touching it by accident.

If a lot of blades in an enclosure have their maintenance cables connected, the mass of cables in front of the enclosure may start to limit the flow of air to the intake holes. Proper cooling is quite critical to half-height blades like BL460c.

Pieter 't Hart
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Re: use blade dongle serial for HA?

use blade dongle serial for HA?
I assume with HA you mean "High Availability"
the aswer NO lies allready in the question!

nic-nic (or even usb-usb) seems more appropriate?