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virtual connect config ?

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virtual connect config ?

ENET 1  OK   Bay 1 Port 9
iSCSI Port 1  OK   Bay 1 Port 9
ENET 2   Bay 2 Port 9
iSCSI Port 2   Bay 2 Port 9
ENET 3  OK   Bay 1 Port 1
ENET 4   Bay 2 Port 1

Hi Guys can someone explain me the iscsi part on this HP ProLiant BL685c Server Blade

I am trying to work out how does virtual connect really work.

is iscsi traffic coming over the same port 9 on virtual connect. is that an issue?

please help !

also i am trying to understand if the iscsi ports have been created virtually through virtual connect or something or are they actual physical ports on some sort of mezzaine

any insigh into it would be very uself for me
thanks inb advance.
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Re: virtual connect config ?

Mezzanine Device Mezzanine Device Port Port Status Interconnect Bay Interconnect Bay Port
Embedded Ethernet
ENET 1  OK   Bay 1 Port 16
ENET 2   Bay 2 Port 16
ENET 3  OK   Bay 1 Port 8
ENET 4   Bay 2 Port 8

On this one i have iscsi connectvity through one of the network adaptors on the server

so on the server
i have 3 networks

1. iscsi
2. LAN
3. virtual hyper-v (which uses lan)

so on the virtual connect side in this case there is no iscsi config like the previous one,so y is there for?
meanwhile i will be looking at the virtual connect admin
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Re: virtual connect config ?

I'm not strong on VC.

I can do the basic config.

But the iSCSI indication, just tell that iSCSI is supported.

I will sugget that you open an account on the blade community.


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