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ws460c Remote Console Mode Switch

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ws460c Remote Console Mode Switch

We use plenty of ws460c "Blade Workstations" - both of the G6 and Gen 8 in our environment (thus both iLO2 and iLO4).  Does anyone know of some way - whether via the iLO or using some of the bios utilities that you can change which remote console mode a machine reboots into (i.e. Setup Mode, Administrator Mode, or User Mode)?  When provisioning blades, we need them in setup mode to get access to the iLO console, but when it comes time to put them into service, they need to get flipped to "User Mode".  At the moment, this is a frusturatingly manual process where you have to reboot each one, mash F9 at the right moment, and click through a few menus for each blade.


My dream would be something I could run against an enclosure of blades at the tail end of our build script, right before rebooting them and placing them into service.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ws460c Remote Console Mode Switch

the HP Scripting Toolkit has utilities to modify the RBSU settings via scripts



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