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Is there a recipe guide for Oracle Linux?

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Is there a recipe guide for Oracle Linux?

Robert asked the question:




Forgive my ignorance regarding Oracle Linux.  They have 554FLB adapters, with firmware.  They want to know where to obtain the Oracle Linux driver to pair with this firmware.  I have a client that is experiencing the following.  They are in contact with Oracle, who says they have seen this scenario on other hypervisor installations, and asked about a recipe guide.


The issue is VMs that cannot communicate with other VMs, or the default gateway for vlan52, which is their own vlan.  They can communicate okay with their local Hypervisor host.  The topology is as follows:


1 - VM connects to the virtual switch on the Oracle Linux hypervisor host.

2 - Hypervisor host connects to the Virtual Connect ports as defined in the server profile.

3 - Virtual Connect connects to vlan52 through an active-active configuration to 802.1q ports via port X5 on each VC module


The disconnect is line 1 above.  The VM is not learning external MAC addresses from the hypervisor host.  The hypervisor host is learning the MAC addresses from Virtual Connect without issue, which is why the host itself never has an issue communicating externally.  We tried to verify there are no tagging mismatches, but I am not an Oracle hypervisor specialist, so cannot confirm.  We also confirmed they are configured for active-standby teaming on bond0.




Reply from Marc:




Have you checked out the paper here:




Any other help?