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3.70v. Onboard Administrator (OA) Password length

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3.70v. Onboard Administrator (OA) Password length

Scott needed some password verification




Is this right? Can it be changed? My customer would have to change their entire infrastructure







Info from Isaac:




Scott although this is speculation but I believe the increased length and format is due to certifying for FIPS and other security standards. This is absolutely necessary in some environments and for others it is good to demonstrate due diligence for the corporate legal, audit, and compliance folks




Additional input from Chad:




According to the User Guide, it says FIPS only requires 8 characters when turned on. You could cancel the First time Wizard and verify if FIPS is on or not:


Enclosure Settings - Network Access - FIPS


Check your Password Settings under Users/Authentication, the length is most likely set to 14. Cancel the First Time Wizard to check the value




Other comments or input?