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A System Insight Manager (SIM)

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A System Insight Manager (SIM)

Paul had a SIM question from a customer:




We are deploying 17 C7000 enclosures with 256 blades. They are configured to report to the customer SIM manager server and as we are in the process of building the environment they are generating a large number of alerts. This is not pleasing the customer as it potentially masks real alerts from production kit.


Is there a simple means of temporarily suspending the alerts while we complete the build. We have tried putting the blade into maintenance mode but this seems to have had no effect




Help for Paul:




From David:

Shouldn’t putting the server in maintenance mode block any alerts from the blade?


From Tushar:

From HP SIM side:


1)      Monitoring can be suspended for the server which are being shifted to maintenance mode.

2)      AEH task can be created to clear the incoming events (traps / indications) for the specific nodes, when done the same can be deleted.


To Suspend and Resume Monitoring:


From SIM “tools and links” page select the option “Suspend and Resume Monitoring”


Or Use the following script from the command line:


suspend.xml : Use monitoring= “suspend” ; to resume use monitoring= “resume”


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
      <node  name="host" host-name="host" monitoring="resume/suspend">
    <managementpath-list />



  • mxnode -mf suspend.xml



Reply back from Paul:




Thanks to everyone for the responses. This seems to have been resoled now. The customer technical rep was only suspending the enclosure – not all of the blades.





Re: A System Insight Manager (SIM)

if you are using HP SIM 6.2 ...there is a patch that you have to download.....I had a similar issue.
I made a tool that to suspend server whenever I needed on the fly. but you need admin rights to HP sim ....I posted a how , docs, and a video on how o use the tool. here are some links


Re: A System Insight Manager (SIM)