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AlertMail on C7000 Enclosure not usable today

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AlertMail on C7000 Enclosure not usable today

The Alertmail option of the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator in a c7000 Enclosure helps administrator to receive mails when something wrong has ocurred on the systems.


The AlertMail only have 3 fields to configure it.

 - The destination address of the email.

 - The SMTP Server to use

 - The domain that will be used for the from address of the email.


First problem it's today all the smtp servers are requiring one user+password for sending emails. This could be bypassed using a local SMTP server doing relay to the external smtp server with a user and password. If this server it's off your mail will not arrive.


Second problem it's the AlertMail uses a partially generated email account on the from address. On my case if I put on the "Alert Sender Domain" field the text the uses From Address of the alert email will be This also could be a problem if your server checks if this address exists. Today, the SMTP Servers only allow to send mails to external SMTP servers if you're using a local email account (on my case The problem will be if the account doesn't exists and your server checks for it. The result will be a non-sent email with valious information about a problem in your servers.


The solution it's very easy if HP want to solve this problem.

1. Add a field to enter the from address of the email.

2. Add one option for activate the login on the smtp server for sending emails (user and password).


If you're having problems related to this, try to use a local email server to see what's the problem with the sending. I used my personal relay server called miniRelay you could download on my personal web www (dot) netvicious (dot) com (I don't want seo, I only likes to help other to solve this problem which grabbed a lot of my time).


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