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BL495 G5 issue and getting iLO back

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BL495 G5 issue and getting iLO back

Edvard was looking to help a customer:




I have a  customer with a BL495 G5 blade located in Singapore. A couple of days ago he experienced a outage in terms of a VMKernel Panic (ESX 4.0). He´s no longer able to get to the blade from the ILO console. Have anyone experience this kind of issue before?

We also have problem with power on and power off commands from the Onboard Administrator.




Hoa provided the info:




Reset iLO while maintaining system operational status:

  • Logon to the Onboard Administrator with SSH/Telnet (CLI)
  • Issue the following commands from the Onboard Administrator Command Line (CLI):

connect server X (x corresponds to the blade bay)
show -all

cd /map1


Look for server power button was being pushed which OA “show all *” can’t tell.     Focus on OA “show all ** and previous mentioned you can tell log in IP/time vs. Blade down time you’d have a good idea of power issue root cause stem from firmware or physical.




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