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Best Practices to replicate iLO settings for mass deployment

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Best Practices to replicate iLO settings for mass deployment

Pierre needed some help with a customer request:




In my next installation the customer want to automate the iLO configuration in c-7000  where all server will be running ESXi 4.1 U2. I am aware of the iLO scripting guide and iLO sample scripts in xml. VMware ESXi 4.1 U2 do not support HPONCFG, I am looking to use CPQLOCFG  to configure the iLO. The customer will have Insight Control 7.0. What could be the best approach to replicate iLO settings? Should it be done with Deployment Server, HP SIM, or OA?


Can someone provide any recommendations on what is the best method to replicate the iLO settings for mass configuration of the iLO?




From Kevin:

I’ve used CPQLOCFG to make mass changes to the ILO on ESXi 5 systems without the HP SIM agents. The script contacts the ILO not the OS. I use a batch file that loads a text that has the ILO address and the password and defines the configuration XML.


Input from Stefan:

You can also use CPQLOCFG from HP SIM. You still need the .xml but them you can "shoot" at a group of servers in there. 


And from Winston: 

If deployment server is in place, configuring iLO is also possible using deployment server.




Any additional suggestions?