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Re: Blade Domain Auditing Tools?

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Blade Domain Auditing Tools?

I am new to blades and one of my first tasks has been to audit the environment - Great :(

Is there a tool that will provide me with the

Chassis Name

  •   Blade name
  •   Firmware Version
  •   Hard ware specification
  •   Networking Information
  •   Any thing of relevance

With this I can then determine what service the blade delivers so that we can then plan a firm ware upgrade with as little impact as possible.

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Re: Blade Domain Auditing Tools?



got many blade enclosures?


got only one / a few or want to do it without extra software? 

You can log on to the blade chassi's OA (onboard administrator), it has both CLI and http GUI.  From there you can get all of the things you asked for below.


For firmware upgrades check out:


Re: Blade Domain Auditing Tools?

The information you need can be obtained by logging into the Enclosure OA and then running the ShowAll command – which can be found under the Enclosure Settings / Configuration Scripts sections and on the Right hand side you will see a couple of hyperlinks that will get you the required results. (You will have to find the required info maunally in the text file)
Other option is you can obtain specific data by logging into OA using the Command Line and getting the specific outputs which you are after – Please see the OA CLI guide.

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Re: Blade Domain Auditing Tools?

By using PLINK (Part of Putty)( here is a batch file that will generate a show all servers then convert it to a csv file.  I do 30 enclosures in less than 3 Min.  First time thru plink will require a yes. After that it will not.  The code is heavily commented. the batch file uses the OA_list file for the list of OA to query. 


remove ALL the '.TXT' extensions in the attachements



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Re: Blade Domain Auditing Tools?

the vbs and batch file