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Blade enclosure reset ILO and Interconnects to DHCP

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Blade enclosure reset ILO and Interconnects to DHCP

Chris had an iLO question:




I configured a Blade enclosure with static IPs on the ILO and interconnect. Is there a way to rest the EBIPPA to DHCP without doing a clear on the OA? The clear OA requires that the VC config be cleared and the VC has been configured. I know I can do a backup or save the VC config and re apply it or recreate it for that matter. Just looking for an easy way set DHCP on the ILOs and interconnects.




From Eirik:




Have you actually set the iLOs to static in the configuration of the iLOs or in EBIPA ?


If the latter, just remove all addresses in EBIPA, if the first you should be able to either script it to the iLOs (if you can reach the addresses) or you will have to go into each iLO during boot if you cannot reach the net they are on).




And from Dave:




 After you change and apply EBIPA, it could take ~10 minutes as the lease time is 8 minutes.




Any other suggestions or comments for Chris?