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Blade to blade communication usining the Onboard Administrator.

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Blade to blade communication usining the Onboard Administrator.

Adam had a customer question:




Is it possible to use the OA faceplate serial port for server to server communication?




Monty replied:




The OA faceplate serial port might be used for the server to server communication described in the original email with the following caveats:


-          Only the active OA in each enclosure can support a CLI "connect server serial <bay#>".  So an OA failover or removal in either enclosure would break the connection.

-          the OA CLI "connect server serial" command can only be initiated by an OA user, it cannot be initiated from the server blade OS unless that OS has a network connection to the management network connected to the OA and logs into the OA.

-          Since you are using OA to iLO communications, a reboot of either iLO would break the connection

-          you must have an IP address assigned to the iLO for the OA to iLO communication


-          You would need to "jumpstart" the enclosure to enclosure serial connection manually:


  • Attach a PC to the active OA serial connector in one enclosure, login to the OA CLI with an OA user account having server bay permission and administrator privilege on the server blade in that enclosure.  Execute the "connect server serial #" to the bay number of that server blade.  Login to the server blade operating system.
  • now disconnect the serial cable from the first enclosure and repeat the steps above to login the server blade OS in the second enclosure
  • now connect the two active OA serial ports with a null modem cable and the blade OS to blade OS serial connection is accomplished.



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