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BladeSystem Firmware Release Set 2010.01 released

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BladeSystem Firmware Release Set 2010.01 released

BladeSystem Firmware Release Set 2010.01 is available

On 1/26 the blade firmware compatibility chart was updated with information on the first Firmware Release Set The info below explains the new Firmware Release Set test stack and support changes.  There will also be a Customer Advistory and Engineering Advisory which will be live 1/26.


The 2010.10 release set does not include BladeSystem Matrix, Integrity blades, or workstation blades.  Unique links to firmware for these products will also be posted on the compatibility page.


Background info

HP BladeSystem is making it easier to acquire, maintain, and get support for the full range of firmware components. HP customers can now upgrade firmware for HP BladeSystem components with a single HP c-Class Firmware Release Set.  HP c-Class Firmware Release Sets are composed of individual HP BladeSystem firmware components that have been tested and verified together in an integrated BladeSystem environment.  The following HP BladeSystem firmware components are included in the HP BladeSystem c-Class Firmware Release Set:

  • Onboard Administrator (OA)
  • Insight Lights-Out (iLO)
  • Virtual Connect (VC)
  • Power Management Controller
  • BladeSystem Server System ROM
  • NIC
  • Storage

Adopting a standard of regularly scheduled Firmware Release Sets will simplify the firmware and upgrade support model.  When contacting HP Call Center Support, the HP Support Representative will only require that the customer has the latest Firmware Release Set or one of the two previous Firmware Sets installed.

Firmware Release Sets are easy to identify because they are based on the month and year of the publish date. For example, the initial January 2010 Firmware Release Set will be labeled 2010.01.

Individual firmware components will continue to be updated between regularly scheduled Firmware Release Sets. These individual firmware component releases will be tested with the most current Firmware Release Set and will be incorporated into the next scheduled Firmware Release Set.  Release Notes for the individual firmware components have been enhanced to include information regarding the criticality of the individual firmware component upgrade. The severity levels in the Release Notes make it easy to decide whether to upgrade the individual firmware component or wait until the next scheduled Firmware Release Set is available. The following severity levels are included in the firmware Release Notes under the Update Requirements section:

  • Critical: HP requires users to update to this firmware version immediately.
  • Recommended: HP recommends that users should update to this firmware version at their earliest convenience.

Optional: Users should update to this firmware version if their system is affected by one of the documented fixes or if there is a desire to utilize any of the enhanced functionality provided by this version.