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C7000 Enclosure Management software

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C7000 Enclosure Management software

I would like to know if there is management software for the C7000 Enclosure that would monitor such things as user logins and or other management functions.



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Re: C7000 Enclosure Management software

There is the older traditional insight manager that manages pretty much all of the C7000 chassis and its componets. There is a newer product called Oneview from HPE which is their new fabric manage software. It will monitor most of your hardware features going back to G7 blades but the Oneview software is desgined for G8 and G9 blade servers. In my current eviornment I use Onview for G8 and G9 server managment which icludes everything from the physical to the enviornmental and also the upgradbility of firmware. Its free but in order to licensing for the more granualr items on the blade server a license will need to be purchased. Also, it will manage all of your interconnects as well.