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C7000 Intermitent Fan Fault

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C7000 Intermitent Fan Fault


We have a c7000 with populated with 10 blades, OA version 4.70, and Virtual connect v4.50. About 6 weeks ago, the c7000 started alerting that the fan in slot 5 was faulty, we swapped the fan with the fan in another slot to confirm the fault moved with the fan.  a replacement fan was then sent out by HPE support.

However the c7000 reported a few times per hour that the fan in slot 5 is removed, then it reports its absent, it reports fan is inserted and finally fan5 is OK. (those are email alerts which arrive all within 10 seconds) If i have the OA console open, i see the status of fan 5 briefly flash from present to removed to inserted. Between these events the fan is showing as operating normally, and the light on the back of the fan remains green.

With HPE support we have tried upgrading the OA to 4.80, then back down. We have removed and re-inserted the OA's and OA tray. We have also replaced the OA tray and the active OA, but we are still getting the email alerts from the OA several times per hour.

HPE advise next course of action is to replace the backplane in the c7000, but as that causes significant downtime for the c7000 does anyone have  any other thoughts on the cause/resolution ?





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Re: C7000 Intermitent Fan Fault

After a searching for solutions, i saw this article

and all out fans had been at 89%, and from memory probably like that for years.

Not sure what triggered the alerts to start last month, but soon as i changed the thermal cooling to optimal the alerts all stopped, and physical fans dropped to a much lower speed.