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Can changing OA IP can cause loss of server connectivity?

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Can changing OA IP can cause loss of server connectivity?

Raymond had a question regarding the changing of IP addresses used by the Onboard Admninistrator:



My customer changed the IP address of their OAs to a different subnet without changing IP for iLO and VC modules. They said that once they changed the OA IPs they could not connect to the servers running in the enclosure.  They had to reset the VC modules and then connection to servers when returned. In my mind, changing the OA IPs will only affect manageability of the iLOs and I/O modules but everything else should continue to run as normal. Can anyone provide feedback whether there are issues if the OA IPs are in a different subnet?



Monty replied:



Virtual Connect Manager requires connectivity to the OA in each enclosure in a VCM domain – this includes all VC interconnect modules and OAs in the VCM domain be on the same subnet as the module running Virtual Connect Manager.



To which Raymond responded:



Monty – lacking that required connectivity, VC will shutdown server traffic thru the module?



And Monty replied:



I have only seen VCM register an enclosure status degraded based on loss of network connectivity to the OA.  So just reconfiguring the OA IP address to a different subnet than the VCM will only prevent VCM from making any changes in that enclosure.  It should maintain the previous connections until network connectivity to the OA is restored.


However, after changing the OA IP address to an inaccessible subnet, if the VCM is rebooted, there could be severe issues as VCM first attempts to establish communication with the OA to ensure that the VCM module is in the correct domain.  Lack of VCM communication due to changing the subnet of the OA will result in VCM stopping at the point it needs the domain to be created or imported.



Any other comments or suggestions?

Andrew Lagden
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Re: Can changing OA IP can cause loss of server connectivity?

I have just had an issue too. The OA IPs were the wrong way around, so changed these (after a failover to get back to OA1 in bay 1). All was well and OA connectivity restored, except, the VC domain went degraded, all connectivity to servers lost, the VCs didn't log anything until they were manually reset.. We didn't move subnets, just simply switched the IPs over. (OA v3.21, VC 3.10). Even now the VCs are reporting some strange 'unknown' status on defined networks, trunks etc.

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Re: Can changing OA IP can cause loss of server connectivity?

Will changing both the OA IP and VC IPs (interconnect bay IPs via EBIPA) via the service port using a laptop do the trick? This way we can make both OA and VCM in same subnet, but need confirmation if someone has tested this?