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Can iLO2 logs be collected centrally ?

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Can iLO2 logs be collected centrally ?

Customer wants to know if the info in the iLO2 log can be collected centrally? They have a large number of ProLiant servers and use iLO2 extensively and are required to inspect iLO2 logs periodically for errors, security breaches, etc.


We had some responses from Jeroen and  Doug:

Doug said:



You can use …


cd /map1/log1

show -a


… to retrieve all of the iLO event log



Another alternative is to use CPQLOCFG and the XML scripts Get_iLO_Log.xml (for the iLO event log) and/or Get_IML.xml (for the ProLiant IML).  You probably will want to parse the XML output into something more storage friendly.



Jeroen had this to say:



You didn’t specify if you run this on ML/DL’s or on Blades.
But just in case this customer has blades, then he can execute the OA CLI command:

 -show syslog ilo all 

and review it; it would need only OA FW 3.00 to be installed (just released).

If the customer would run the OA CLI: show all command this information will be included as well in the report.



Anyone else wish to weigh-in on this topic??