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Can not stop Deployment in HPSUM 7.20

Gerhard P
Occasional Contributor

Can not stop Deployment in HPSUM 7.20

I am using HP SUM 7.20 and successfully updated the OA, VirtualConnect and iLO components on my Blades, also I deployed up to date drivers and components to blades running Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2. But one of the installations crashed the Windows running on a server and the server rebooted automatically. Windows was not harmed and the server is running fine after the reboot. But in HP SUM the status of the server is stuck in "Deploying cp022783.exe ...... " and can not be aborted.

I have tried it using the Web GUI and I also have used the command line  abort /nodes <node name>.

The abort command returns OK, but the deployment process is not aborted.

Also using shutdownengine /force does not work.

Killing the process the HP SUM engine is running does also not solve the problem.

When restarting the HP SUM engine the deployment process is still active and can not be aborted.

How can I stop this dead process? Deleting the node is also not possible, because the dead deployment is "active".


Many thanks in advance, Gerhard