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Cascading c-Blade enclosures by Onboard Administrator(OA)

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Cascading c-Blade enclosures by Onboard Administrator(OA)

Jin had a question from a customer:



One customer has cascaded  c-7000 enclosures thru the OA link port to monitor the enclosures in rack, Customer is asking if the Firmware must be the same for all the  c7000 OA, or can they be different--if so, what's the rule or limit?



Monty responded:



The OA can support one rack of linked enclosures. 


Since you can mount seven c3000 enclosures in a single rack, the OA supports seven linked enclosures - more than that cause error messages in the OA syslog.


Practically speaking - accessing linked enclosures puts a slight performance overhead on all the linked enclosures, our testing has validated the operation with only seven.


Setting the rackname on a single enclosure will result in updating the rackname on all linked enclosures.

In addition regarding  different firmware revisions - there will be problems logging into the OA GUI to access multiple enclosures that are linked together, since the client will be using the GUI code fetched from the primary enclosure to view and control all the enclosures.  The client GUI code that is fetched could be making invalid calls to enclosures with different versions of OA firmware.



Have you tried this? What was your result?