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Cascading the Onboard Administrator with KVM to Console Switch

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Cascading the Onboard Administrator with KVM to Console Switch

Robin had a question involving the Onboard Administrator:




Good day all,

It is possible to cascade the KVM of the OA module onto a console switch?

If so, how do you select the blade server from the console if there would be four c7000 enclosures that are cascading on the console switch?


Hope you can assist me with this queries.




Monty has some good info for Robin:




Yes this is supported.


You first use the console KVM keyboard to access the console vendors selection screen – typically by pressing PrtSc key.


Then select one of the console switch ports – connected to the enclosure KVM you wish to access.  Press the Shift or other key or PrtSc twice (since the first PrtSc launches the console selection screen) to see the Enclosure KVM menu.  Use the KVM keyboard cursor keys to select a particular server by highlighting the server name and press Enter key to launch that console.


Press PrtSc to bring up the console switch menu to change to another enclosure or rackmount server.




Good info. Have you used this configuration? Let us know how it works for you.