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Chassis Inventory question

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Chassis Inventory question

Susan had a chassis inventory question:




Is there  a simple one stop report that would give my customer the blade inventory of all their chassis, on a per chassis basis?




input from David:




And…. If Customer has a number of chassis and/or wants to repeat from time to time, it would pay to automate the collection process:



On a linux (cue the chant: linux, linux, linux J) server, have a script along the lines of:


#! /bin/bash

DATE=$(date +%Y%m%d)


for chassis in chassis1 chassis2 …..


       ssh Administrator@${chassis} show all > ${CHASSIS_DATA_DIR}/${chassis}_${DATE}



and repeat for the VC (with a consistent DNS name, even if by adding cname records), it could all be trivially done in a single for loop.



  • If the Customer does not want to use the Admin account, create another acct, eg chassis-data or similar
  • TO avoid the password manual entry, on the linux machine run ssh-keygen, and upload the idrsa key into all the chassis (one time action per user acct/source system).



This will robotically collect the data at about 2 mins per chassis.

Can even cron-collect for further automation, and historical reference / change detection (that get’s slightly more complicated…).

Very handy.   Cheers




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