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Cisco vs. HP/Blades/firmware updates issues.

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Cisco vs. HP/Blades/firmware updates issues.

Alex had a firmware update question:






Forgive my ignorance but I am new to this forum,


I have a customer who has just  upgraded their C7000 chassis using the baseline 9.20b (Release set 2010.10)


The Cisco 3020 however is still running Version: 12.2(50)SE3 - (6 Apr 2009) and I believe there have been two releases since then. I could not find any mention of the Cisco 3020 in the 9.20b documentation, I also found that the firmware DVD does not update the SB40C without intervention. This feature was also not documented.


Does the “BladeSystem release sets” actually address the Cisco firmware or the Storage Blade firmware?




Marilyn responded:





We don’t carry Cisco fw in the release set because these 3rd party components aren’t supported by HPSUM.  Most, if not all, of the components are HP or HP branded components.


Hope this helps.




Thanks Marilyn. Comments or questions?