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Customer Question regarding Logfiles

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Customer Question regarding Logfiles

Andrew was looking to help a customer:




Customer has asked the following questions after reading the user/installation guides.  I’ve also struggled to find an answer.  Could anyone please kindly point me to or help with answers to them.


  1. What is the maximum size of the log file for OA
  1. What is the maximum size of the log file for VCM
  1. Can we set the maximum file size? if so how?
  1. Where are the log files get saved?

Appreciate the help.




Info from Monty:




I can answer the questions about the OA log file:

  1. The non-volatile OA syslog is 16KB

     a. The non-volatile OA syslog size cannot be adjusted

     b  OA v3.00 firmware introduced an extended OA syslog with a max size of 128KB

         i.      This extended syslog is kept in OA RAM and is preserved across OA reboots, but is lost if the OA is removed or enclosure power is cycled.

         ii.      The OA GUI and CLI commands show the non-volatile 16KB OA syslog

         iii.      A new OA CLI command “show syslog history” shows the extended OA syslog

2. The OA syslog max size cannot be adjusted.


The OA extended syslog feature (1b above) was introduced in OA 3.20 – not 3.00.




Also input from Dave:




If the customer’s concern is that they would like an extended history beyond what OA may keep locally, let them know that OA has the feature to support a remote syslog server…  [Active OA > System Log > Log Options]




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