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DHCP for OnBoard Administrator (OA) but not for Device Bays

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DHCP for OnBoard Administrator (OA) but not for Device Bays

Chris had a sticky issue when the customer changed the OA IP address:



Customer has an enclosure for which none of the device bays are receiving IP addresses, including the interconnects.  Everything was working fine till the network team changed the subnet from 169.37.36.x to 169.37.32.x.  At this time the OA received a new IP address via DHCP.  The blade servers all have network connectivity to the LOMs but not iLO.  The interconnects, primarily Virtual Connect, are providing network connectivity to the LOMs but the interconnect itself is not receiving an IP address for management.


IP Address status is always NA or Unknown or even when assigning static (see 003.jpg).


Pretty much at a loss here.  We have tried the following.  Help is greatly appreciated.



Paul had some insights and suggestions:



The issue is that you changed the OA address via DHCP before changing the iLO2 and interconnect mgmt interface addresses.  Now those devices are still on 169.37.36.x, but the OA is on 169.37.32.x, and so can’t talk to the rest of the mgmt interfaces.

Try changing OA back to 169.37.36.x, and see if it can find the other mgmt interfaces again (you might have to plug your laptop into the OA, because when you change OA to 169.37.36.x, you might not be able to communicate to it over the network again.  If that works, use EBIPA at that time to change the mgmt interfaces to 169.37.32.x, then change iLO or allow iLO to DHCP on 169.37.32.x



Have you had this issue? Any suggestions?