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Discovering C7000 with HP SIM fails

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Discovering C7000 with HP SIM fails

Oliver had a question regarding the discovery of c7000 enclosures:




I am trying to discover 4x C7000 Enclosures with OA 3.71 und HP SIM 7.2. Two enclosures works fine, but the other 2 of them I can’t discover. Same setting for SNMP on all enclosures.


With snmputil I can snmp walk the OA and get the details for example SN, PN. So that way it works. Somebody have an idea why these two enclosure won't discover? After discovery I only see the discovered IP address without any components (VC, Blades, ….)


When looking at the discovery process (task) on the working enclosure, I can see that the IPs for VC, and the Blades are shown and captured in the discovery output. The 2 enclosures where the discovery fails, these IPs are not shown.




Info from David:




OA discovery is not done with SNMP but with a request for XML via http://{OA IP Address or DNS Name]/xmldata?item=all




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