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EBIPA - Unable to change IP address of Cisco MDS FC Interconnects

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EBIPA - Unable to change IP address of Cisco MDS FC Interconnects

Weng was helping a customer with a Cisco MDS problem:




Hello Experts,


I have a CU where we are trying to change the current IP addresses of Cisco MDS Interconnects via EBIPA , but the changes to do not apply even after the lease time expires

Is there a way to force the changes through the CLI without restarting the Interconnects?


The current IP config of the Interconnects have been set with a static IP on a different Network which sits behind a firewall, and we cannot access the management cli\ or browser.

We want to set the IP of the Interconnects to the network of the Enclosure in order to access the management from the OA using putty or web browser.


Is there a way from OA CLI to do this?


(C7000, OA FW 3.70)




Input from Dan:

No, there is no way to force an interconnect to get a new IP address from the OA. For EBIPA to work the interconnects must support DHCP.


Also from Evgeny:

Not sure what do you want to achieve. But if you have telnet or ssh access to OA, you may try to connect to any interconnect inside the enclosure via CONNECT INTERCONNECT <bay number> command.


CONNECT { INTERCONNECT | SERVER [SERIAL] } <bay number>: Opens a Text Console session to the interconnect or server specified.




Other suggestions?


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Re: EBIPA - Unable to change IP address of Cisco MDS FC Interconnects

From Andrea:

First of all you should check the MDS config.


Cisco switches could have the OA eth management port disabled (normally is the only “Fast Ethernet”) from internal config.

This is normal for Cisco 3020/3120, more uncommon in MDS but possible.




From Dan:

Round and round we go but no solutions?


SSH to the OA and try “connect interconnect 3” (adjust 3 for whatever Interconnect Bay the MDS is in.

If memory serves me right, that should get you into the Console Port (serial) of the MDS where you can then change the IP or set it back to DHCP mode so it can get an IP.  You just need to look up the MDS CLI commands required.




And then from Hoa:

Just click on below link.