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Enclosure Base IP Address (EBIPA) and Cisco MDS9124e

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Enclosure Base IP Address (EBIPA) and Cisco MDS9124e

Sam had an enclosure question:




Does anyone know the default factory IP settings (Static or DHCP) for the Cisco 9124e. I have a customer who is not able to get it working with EBIPA address assignments and they say’s they needed to do a static address assignment via the console .  I don’t have access to one to verify defaults. They are going to be setting up 20 enclosures and would prefer to not have to log into every switch.  I had them check the obvious  is EBIPA enabled for the slot is a valid address assigned. Sorry I don’t have more details as they just provided the info in a short email.




Monty replied:




The Cisco 9124e user guide indicates that a static IP address, netmask and gateway must be configured manually through the OA CLI “connect interconnect”.


To use the Onboard Administrator EBIPA feature – the device or interconnect must be configured for DHCP, which is the default setting for iLO and Virtual Connect modules, but is not necessarily the default nor supported across all the c-Class BladeSystem interconnect modules.  In addition, some interconnect modules do not support using the internal enclosure management network connection – or must be manually configured to enable that network connection.




Terri replied:  

I don't know why the MDS 9124e User Guide includes connecting to OA serial port in order to set the IP address of a interconnect module like the MDS 9124e. Assuming customer has OA access setup across his network, simply make a IP connection to the OA with telnet or SSH to get to the OA cli. From the OA cli:


OA>connect interconnect x    where x = interconnect number of desired interconnect bay.


For any interconnect module with an internal serial port (like the SAN switches), this is equivalent to having a serial connection to the switch.


Dan also had some info:

Ditto what Terri said.


I setup 8 of these before joining HP and this is exactly what I did.

Once that is done there is a Java based Cisco Mgmt tool you can load to do some basic configuration of the 9124e.

The other option is from either the Java GUI or the CLI you can flip them into NPIV mode which will cause the Switch to wipe all settings (except mgmt IP) and reboot and then it’s a fairly dumb FC Switch similar to our Virtual Connect FC modules. (This is what I did when I set them up as our SAN guys had no interest in managing another 8 Switches)


Both the Cisco 9124e FC and 3x20 Network line don’t seem to use EBIPA at all if I remember correctly.  You have to use the virtual serial port as Terry described and then use standard Cisco command lines from that point on.  If this confuses the client just tell them it’s an integrated Serial Console Server, which is a box they might already have in their environment for Network/Unix gear.




Any additional input or comments for Sam?