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Re: Enclosure Base IP Address (EBIPA) question

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Enclosure Base IP Address (EBIPA) question

John had a static IP address issue:






I am working on an issue with one of my customers and I wanted to see if anyone has seen this issue before.


C7000 chassis w/latest FM

Flex-10 modules

Brocade FC switches


We currently are using DHCP and we are enabling EBIPA on the Interconnects to static a IP. Through the GUI and command line, the EBIPA settings are successful, but when you look at the console, it states that the IP addresses are static, but it still says using the DHCP address.  I have not opened a ticket at this point, but we will be opening on tomorrow.


Has anyone seen this before?




Dave recommended:




You would want to make sure that the Gateway is correct and pingable.


You would want to also make sure that the supplied IPs are not in use. You could try pinging those IPs.


Also, are the IP165 & 41 truly NTP or are they the DNS IPs?


Interconnect IP lease time is 8 minutes. I usually cycle power on these when I change the EBIPA. It seems to work better.




Any other suggestions or comments for John??

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Re: Enclosure Base IP Address (EBIPA) question

More questions from John:




Another question…


If I was logged in with an account with sufficient privilege, how can I reset the administrator password back to toe-tag from a command prompt?




Monty replied on this subject as well:




  • If the interconnects had been configured for DHCP and were receiving an IP address from an external DHCP server prior to reconfiguring the OA to supply a DHCP address – what was the lease time for the external DHCP based IP address?   Those interconnects will not typically request a DHCP renewal until after the half-life of the lease period.
    • The OA EBIPA feature will provide a fixed DHCP address for configured bays based on that bay DHCP request.  Since the device must send the request – the OA cannot force the device to acquire a new address.
    • We have a note on the OA GUI EBIPA page indicating that the interconnect may take some time to pick up any EBIPA IP address change.
    • Power cycling the interconnect through the OA or by removing and replacing the interconnect will force it to reinitialize the network
    • Logging into the interconnect using the OA CLI “connect interconnect” command and changing the network settings will not result in loss of server connectivity and will be the fastest technique to renew the interconnect DHCP-based IP address.
  • The OA “Administrator” local account password can only be changed by the “Administrator”.  If you forgot the “Administrator” password, you must follow the OA User Guide instructions involving physical access to the OA module reset button and a PC with a serial connection to the OA serial port.



Any more comments or input on this subject??