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Enclosure Management Information Base (MIBs)

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Enclosure Management Information Base (MIBs)

Joe was looking for MIB information:




Customer need C-Class MIBS for higher level manager. 

Found these but not sure which one is for c-class (enclosure, etc.)


Insight Management MIB update kit for HP Systems Insight Manager for Windows




David replied:




Have them look at "cpqrack.mib".


…but if they aren’t SNMP rocket scientists, remind them that they also need the imports named at the top of the file cpqrack.mib:


        compaq                         FROM CPQHOST-MIB

        DisplayString                  FROM RFC1213-MIB

        OBJECT-TYPE                    FROM RFC-1212

        sysName                        FROM RFC1213-MIB

        cpqHoTrapFlags                 FROM CPQHOST-MIB

        TRAP-TYPE                      FROM RFC-1215;




Good info. Any other help for Joe??