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Extra number on the Onboard Administrator (OA) name

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Extra number on the Onboard Administrator (OA) name

Fredy had an OA question:




I vaguely remember some reporting that the OA was displaying and extra number  (or character) on the system name after the newest firmware upgrade.

Does anyone remember what the issue was and what was the solution?




Input from Michael:




I was the person that reported it in September and the issue is related to OA 3.60 and a BIOS Server Name > 14 characters.  It was to be fixed in 3.70, and according to the release notes, it was.


>>>The OA erroneously displayed the final character of the server name twice when the configured server name was greaterer than14 characters.




And from Tim:




As Michael mentioned a fix was released in OA 3.70.

This is an issue only with the way OA displays the name. The actual name of the server on blade or ILO is not affected.




Any questions?