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Failure OA c3000 when update firmware.

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Failure OA c3000 when update firmware.

Updated the frimware of OA c3000, does not make any mistake in the process, when it restart the dsplay just goes black and unresponsive to push any button.
I send a ping to OA and respond, but when I enter the console with Internet Explorer marks an error "can not display the page".

I have tried to enter whit Hyper Terminal give username and password and check error that did not load a library.

there is a process to recover and manage basic funsion enclosure and later to update the firmware?

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Re: Failure OA c3000 when update firmware.

Can you access the OA via serial line?

The user manual has a section about desaster recovery.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Failure OA c3000 when update firmware.

I've seen exactly this issue on an HP c7000.

To fix it, the process from HP support was:
Remove the failed OA from the enclosure
Remove the primary OA from the enclosure (I'm aware you won't have one)
Remove the sleeve it since in from the enclosure
Wait one minute
Reseat both OAs

Following this, out OA reflashed itself automatically and came online.