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Firmware Updates with BladeSystem Gen8 servers

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Firmware Updates with BladeSystem Gen8 servers

Question from Mark on firmware update process:




I have seen conflicting info about the steps that should be taken when updating the firmware on a blade enclosure and its associated servers/interconnect modules. This particular C7K has all BL460c Gen8 servers and are running ESX 5.X. It also has a P4800 array and Flex10 VC IC modules along with a 8GB Brocade IC Switch.


Here is what I think should be done:


1)      Update all ESX drivers

2)      Update firmware(ILO, BIOS, SA) on all G8 servers with SSP

3)      Update OA

4)      Update VC Modules


Is this a viable sequence or should I modify the steps?




Reply from Eirik:




That is at least the same sequence I use, no problems so far (five years and counting)




I think you should also look at the "Best Pracices" documentation that have been put out by the HPSUM and SPP teams. Here is a good place to get info.

 and here. HP SUM Documentation