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Firmware across stacked enclosures question.

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Firmware across stacked enclosures question.

Ron had a stacked enclosure question:




I know that enclosure firmware for stacked enclosures need to be the same.  What happens if they are not?  Does it generate error messages, cause functionality problems,….? 

This is not for a production environment.  I have a customer who is looking to test stacking in their lab but can’t change the firmware levels on one of the enclosures. 




From Monty:




Are you asking about c-Class enclosures with Onboard Administrator modules that are linked together or multiple enclosure Virtual Connect stacking?


I can answer for linked OA modules – when the client logs into the OA GUI and selects multiple enclosures – the javascript code run on the client is downloaded from the initial enclosure.  If the OA firmware in that enclosure is older than the other enclosure – you should not encounter any issues as you access all the enclosures, but the functionality of the GUI will be limited to that firmware version and will only be able to support viewing device bays and interconnects supported by that version.


If that initial enclosure is running newer firmware than other linked enclosures – you may get error messages in the OA GUI in accessing those linked enclosures with older OA firmware, since the newer firmware may have newer function calls not supported on the older firmware.