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Firmware upgrade advice for c7000 enclosure

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Firmware upgrade advice for c7000 enclosure

Jesus was looking for upgrade advice:




Hello experts.


Well, following the discussion, I have a doubt about upgrade a similar scenario


I have, in a customer, the following:


-         C7000 Enclosure with OA firmware: 3.00

-         Virtual connect flex 10 firmware: 2.32

-         9 BL460c G6 with firmware DVD 9.30 and VMWare 4.0 Update 1.


And now customer has bought 7 BL465c Gen8 and we need to upgrade and reach to this scenario:


-         C7000 Enclosure with OA firmware: 3.70

-         Virtual Connect flex 10 firmware: 3.70 (I think is the last one)

-         Upgrade VMWare platform to VMWare 5.1

-         Upgrade BL465c Gen8 with SPP and intall as operating system VMWare 5.1.


But how can we do it? Which could be the right upgrade path? Can we upgrade directly OA and VC firmware directly from 3.00 and 2.32 to 3.70?


For example:


1)      Upgrade VMWare  to 5.1

2)      Upgrade OA , Blades and VC with SPP 2012.10 concurrently


Or is there other order?




Some advice from Eirik:




I would say this order :


-          Update firmware of blades

-          Upgrade Vmware from x -> y

-          Update drivers (especially for networking) on vmware

-          Upgrade OA

-          Upgrade VC modules (2.32 -> 3.70 is supported directly, but I would recommend using VCSU)


There was a issue with upgrading from <- 3.18 -> 3.60, but I think this is fixed in 3.70, if not the path I would say is 2.32-> 3.51 -> 3.70




Jesus replied:




Thanks for your answer Erik J


However, I have a doubt because, how can I upgrade firmware of blades? Using what? Because reading


It doesn’t work for VMware 4.0 Update 1.




And Eirik answered:




Boot blades with SPP attached either directly via iLO or connected through OA -> Enclosure DVD (Possible from OA 2.32 I believe)




Any other help for Jesus?