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Generate a Certificate request for the Onboard Administrator (OA)

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Generate a Certificate request for the Onboard Administrator (OA)

An OA scripting question from Michael:




So I am working with Customer and so far what we noticed is that when we tried to script this to work that will not work in a scripted mode.  So was wondering if you had away around this that you have done before.


From OA CLI 4.30 guide



  • Command:


  • Description:

o Generates a pkcs#10 certificate request or a self-signed certificate. You are prompted for the

following fields to generate a certificate:


This command is not valid in script mode.




Reply from Ritu:




Hi Mike,


The “generate certificate” command is not allowed in script mode, as user interaction is needed to populate the following certificate fields:



Current values are displayed between the [].

To remove the current value enter a single '.' character.


OA Name (CN):  [OA-001B78945BFD]

Alternative Name (AN):  []

Organization (O):  [Hewlett-Packard]

City or Locality (L):  [] ISO

State or Province (S):  [] KAR

Country (C):  [] IN

Organizational Unit (OU) (optional):  [Onboard Administrator]

Contact Person (optional):  []

Contact Email Address (optional):  []

Surname (optional):  []

Given Name (optional):  []

Initials (optional):  []

DN Qualifier (optional):  []


Challenge Password (optional):

Confirm                      :

Unstructured Name (optional):  []




Do you want to make any changes? (y/n) n



Due to presence of multiple fields, CLI does not provide sub-options to pass all the information in a single command-line. An alternative would be to use ‘expect’ scripts for automatic population of these fields (in non-script mode). However, there is no workaround to run the command in script mode.