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Re: Getting to the Onboard Administrator (OA) log

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Getting to the Onboard Administrator (OA) log

Meg needed some OA pointers:




I’m sure this is right under my nose, but I can’t seem to find it in the OA user guide…


How a customer can  get and review the OA Log –




From Terri:

For the OA GUI select Enclosure Information - Enclosure Settings - Configuration Scripts. Select link for "Show All". This includes the OA system log.


If the OA is a bit old then the link is "Click view inventory.


From Jeroen:

Very simple:<> > search > OA SHOW ALL


And from Dan:

OA syslog is found under the Primary and Secondary OA on the left side as opposed to under "Enclosure Settings"


you can also configure it to send those logs to a central syslog server.


In VirtualConnect, by contrast, the syslog settings are global.




Any other comments or suggestions for Meg?

The Brit
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Re: Getting to the Onboard Administrator (OA) log

Be Aware also, the two OA's maintain two separate logs.    And each log only shows the events which occurred when that OA was primary.     So you will often see large apparent gaps in the data -  the apparently missing stuff will be in the other OA Log.


It seems a bit primative to me since a "show all" has to attach BOTH logs to be complete.      I'm sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why there is NOT jus a single log...??


(VC manages to live with a single LOG - go figure!)