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HP BladeSystem Questions

Kazuma had some customer questions:




Hi expert,


My customer has three questions.



c7000(A) is configured manually, “configuration file(A)” is saved it.

c7000(B) upload from “configuration file(A)”.


If c7000(A) and c7000(B) is same HW configuration, this operations is OK?

Even if c7000(A) and c7000(B) is different HW configuration, this operations is OK?



My customer wants to restrict that iLO access by IP address.

Does iLO have any functions like IP Binding,IP Restricted Login?



System logs size is 18.42KB.

Extended system log is 300KB.


I read User Guide, but I can’t understand “Extended system log”.

What is “Extended system log”? How should I set it?


HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator User Guide P134





Monty had some help:




I can answer your BladeSystem Onboard Administrator questions – but we need an iLO expert to answer your question 2 below.


1 – the OA configuration file from one enclosure should be edited before applying to another enclosure to remove enclosure unique settings such as OA name or IP addresses.  Example – if the configuration uses EBIPA for server or interconnect IP address settings, you would get duplicate IP addresses if you applied the same configuration to another enclosure.


3 – No user settings are available or necessary, the OA syslog maximum size was extended to 300KB in OA v3.20 and higher versions.  This extended size is automatic and provides almost 20X more syslog entries than before for troubleshooting.  However, these extended syslog entries are only saved to non-volatile memory if the OA is rebooted or a failover occurs.  If the OA module is unplugged or power is inadvertently lost to the entire enclosure these extended entries are lost and only the latest 18KB of syslog entries in NVRAM are retained.




Jeroen also had some info:




In addition to item 3. The SHOW ALL report only shows the limited syslog output by default. The full OA SYSLOG can only be retrieved by using SHOW SYSLOG OA 1 HISTORY or SHOW SYSLOG OA 2 HISTORY.




Any other help or suggestions for Kazuma?