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HP Insight Remote Support Advanced (IRSA) Batch Upload Process

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HP Insight Remote Support Advanced (IRSA) Batch Upload Process

Damon had a customer question:




I have a customer that has serial numbers and or product ID’s missing from the discovery in HP SIM. I understand there is a Batch upload process that can be applied through the command line of the HP SIM / IRSA server once I have both of those missing fields.


Does anyone have the steps to properly upload product ID / Serial numbers? It is much appreciated, Thank you!




Help came from Michael:




It’s been a year or so since I did this but it probably hasn’t changed much;


Program Files 32\HP\Remote Support\bin \batchUpload.exe –export c:\temp\[your_file_name].csv – use the SIM username and password

-       Now you can edit in an excel spreadsheet


To re-import the data;


batchUpload.exe –import c:\temp\[your_file_name].csv


This is all in the IRS manual, if I remember correctly.




Any other suggestions for Damon?