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HP MIB info for a customer.

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HP MIB info for a customer.

Meg was looking to get MIB info for a customer:




I've sent the customer the link to the mibkit and apparently this trap isn't listed?  Any ideas where I could go to get this information?  Networking group?


Meg, I have an HP 6120XG in the field which is sending traps to an manager with the following OID:


I am unable to find this OID in any of the MIBs (Insight Manger or any MIBs available on the internet.


Here is the specific switch information:


ProCurve 516733-B21 6120XG Blade Switch

Software revision Z.14.32




Input from Jim:




MIB File: hpicfUfd.mib





Any other comments or suggestions?